ArtNet Products

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Artnet Configurator

ArtNet Configurator is a tool for configuring the A-4, ILD and TLD-612A products.


The A-4 is a universal high-speed 4 port Art-Net to DMX converter. It is designed to be a very cost-effective, but high quality product, which can compete with the best performing products on the market today.

TLD-612 A

The TLD-612A offers all the same features and driving capabilities as the regular TLD-612, with the variation of offering an Ethernet RJ45 Artnet interface instead of regular 5-pin XLR DMX interface.


The ILD, Installation LED Driver, shares the majority of the features of the TLD-612A, but has a smaller and more compact power supply, which makes it suitable for permanent installations, where a small physical footprint is required.