All d&b loudspeakers deliver scalability, flexibility, diversity and maximum efficiency with dedicated rigging accessories and specific paint finishes for seamless visual integration or weather protection.

Select a Loudspeaker by Series


The tiniest E-Series loudspeaker is a tad taller than a postcard, while the biggest measures a mere 58 cm in height. Together, the E4, E5, E6, E8 and E12 / E12-D present a d&b product Series as varied as it is versatile. The cabinets, functionally formed, with robust, lightweight enclosures and bespoke hardware, can be deployed horizontally or vertically providing added flexibility.


The spectrum of applications d&b systems embrace is expanded by, the somewhat larger, yet incredibly powerful J-Series: the large scale sound reinforcement solution. With transparent, detailed audio performance, extraordinarily smooth and even frequency response, dynamic bandwidth and high power and headroom capability, the J-Series is an exceptionally good choice for far reaching sound of any style or genre.


Point source or line source? Admittedly an important question, yet no longer a question of which loudspeaker Series. Due to its innovative design, the T-Series offers two different loudspeaker technologies in one flexible package, delivering an impressive performance as the smallest d&b line array and, with a twist of the wrist, transforming into a point source solution.


Comprising both line array systems and point source solutions, the V-Series is the answer for any medium to large scale sound reinforcement application. The 3-way passive loudspeakers all share the same dipolar driver arrangement, while the subwoofers all exhibit d&b cardioid technology. In short, the V-Series is a verifiable recipe for success.


With the epitome of line array loudspeakers and a new generation of point sources, the Y-Series offering is all-encompassing. Including dedicated subwoofers, this comprehensive Series addresses small to midsized applications. From concerts and church services to symposiums and car expos, the Y-Series meets the individual needs of each and every discipline.


Whether providing sound reinforcement for the audience or monitoring for the artist, who could deny both are equally integral to the success of a performance? This is why the M2, M4, M6 and MAX2 monitors present compact dimensions, more than adequate power, functional design, exceptional performance, remarkable vocal presence and uncompromising clarity.


With its clean, lightweight design and narrow and wide dispersion options the xA-Series fits stylishlyand efficiently within a wide variety of applications, including houses of worship, small to medium sized sports venues, opera houses, town halls and night clubs. This scalable system comprises two horizontallyor vertically arrayable point sources and two line array loudspeakers for vertical deployment.


The 2-way passive xC-Series column loudspeakers are elegantly engineered to provide effective, discreet solutions for acoustically challenging environments. The streamline 16C, 24C and 24C-E all incorporate 4“ drivers in a special design radiating through waveguide elements at the front and damped ports at the rear of the cabinet.


The xS-Series comprises seven stand-alone loudspeakers and three matching subwoofers, providing a broad range of size and output power solutions for permanent applications. With their unobtrusive cabinet design the xS loudspeakers are ideally positioned within a variety of venues including restaurants, bars, lounges, conference and meeting facilities, assembly halls and lecture theatres.


d&b subwoofers come in all shapes and sizes: whether large or small, permanently installed or mobile, flown or ground stacked, the d&b subwoofer solutions provide an adequate frequency extension for any sound reinforcement application. The 2-Way Active J-SUB houses three 18” drivers and creates a cardioid pattern to reject energy towards the rear; extending the frequency response even further is the J-INFRA subwoofer, which contains three 21” drivers.