LED screen


The SGM LS-4.6 is a Danish built, hi-res video panel capable of displaying detailed video from a high-resolution digital video source.

The LED chips are 3in1 SMD, which makes them suitable for applications where picture quality and brightness are important. The screen has no fans, so it is completely noiseless, and has a high refresh rate of 2,880 Hz making it perfect for applications such as television, theatre, exhibitions, show production and concerts.

The screen comes with a high light output of 900cd/nits per sqm, and a contrast ratio of 1,600:1.

The SGM LS-4.6 features 4.6mm pixel pitch, which is suitable for applications where the absolute best picture resolution and quality are required. It is recommended for applications where the viewing distance is 5 meters or more.

The long-life LED system and very low pixel failure rate renders the SGM LS-4.6 very suitable for permanent installations, yet the 8.5 kg low weight easy-to-assemble units also provide a very attractive system for touring and rental use.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.