LED screen


The LS-LDC is a complete system for color calibration of the SGM LS-series of video screens. It enables pixel-by-pixel color calibration for outstanding color consistency, even for LEDs from multiple batches. It offers fast and very accurate calibration of multiple panels at a time. The LS-LDC provides an easy-to-use advanced calibration technology with high-performance and high speed, which enables calibration of up to 300m2 of LED screen in only 1.5 hours.

The calibration technology inside the LS-LDC ensures a perfect calibration by eliminating mosaics, video-noise as well as bright and dim lines. The system also features special algorithms for dealing with low-end grey scale problems. After calibration, the over-all brightness is affected less than 5%. Accurate optical characteristics are measured with high-resolution camera, which enables calibration performance with brightness variation of less than 1% and color variation of less than 0.003%..

The calibration system is done by deploying an easy-to-use, advanced calibration software on a Windows based computer and a high-resolution HD camera on a tri-pod for calibration. The control software communicates with the control-computer, the LS-series LED screen, via network and can be operated from a local area network.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.