LED Effects Lighting


Multiples of LB-100 LED Balls are designed to form a video light curtain with 120mm pixel pitch.

The curtain is made up from 0.85m long strings, each containing seven white LED balls. Each 28mm sphere contains two powerful RGB LEDs built into the white plastic moulding. These can extend to a maximum length of 6.8 meters (using 56 balls) and total power consumption is just 59W.

The LB-100 advantages include:

  • The uniqueness of a full view angle of 360°
  • The creativity to display 3D effects and content
  • The flexibility of extending the lenght of a string (up to 6.8 m)
  • IP65 rating

The system can be controlled via DMX-512A as well as with a dedicated video server or ordinary PC with Artnet™ (the Artnet signal is then distributed by a third Party Artnet to DMX Converter).

These semi-transparent IP65 rated LED Balls can be viewed in 360° and be used to create alluring 3D spatial effects. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including TV scenography, theme parks, exhibitions, video art, clubs, shopping malls … and just about any fixed installation.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.