LED Effects Lighting

Select a LED Effects Lighting by Series


The LT range comprises a series of 1-metre and 2-metre long graphic tubes, loaded with RGB LEDs at 35 mm pixel pitch – all DMX drivable via any proprietary media server, or pixel mapping DMX console.


This Touring LED Driver has specifically been designed for controlling SGM’s LB100 LED Balls and LT100/LT200 Graphic Tubes


The ILD, Installation LED Driver, shares the majority of the features of the TLD-612A, but has a smaller and more compact power supply, which makes it suitable for permanent installations, where a small physical footprint is required. The ILD is capable of driving either 6 pcs. of LT-100 tubes, 3 pcs. of LT-200 tubes or 3 pcs. of full length LB-100 strings (7 pcs. of LB-100 pr. string).

TLD-612 A

The TLD-612A offers all the same features and driving capabilities as the regular TLD-612, with the variation of offering an Ethernet RJ45 Artnet interface instead of regular 5-pin XLR DMX interface.


Multiples of LB-100 LED Balls are designed to form a video light curtain with 120mm pixel pitch.


The LP-700 comes in chain lengths of 6.75m (including connector).


These LED domes can be used in any orientation, with a maximum number of 35 domes in a single chain.