LED Effects Lighting


The LT range comprises a series of 1-metre and 2-metre long graphic tubes, loaded with RGB LEDs at 35 mm pixel pitch – all DMX drivable via any proprietary media server, or pixel mapping DMX console.

This 3D LED graphic tube can be suspended from the ceiling, providing a staggering overhead 3D vertical and horizontal zip effect. However, it is not limited to a suspension mode, as it can be floor-mounted or integrated into a scenery in creative ways.

The LT-100/LT-200 advantages include:

  • The creativity to display 3D effects
  • The flexibility in direction of lighting effects
  • IP65 rating
  • A comprehensive viewing angle (2 x 130°)
  • Lightweight construction

The theory of pixel mapping is that two dimensional objects are transformed into three dimensions with the help of advanced programming techniques; thus each LT-100 LED pixel can be addressed individually enabling the LD to create genuine 3D lighting effects, such as 3D waves or 3D bars which can be easily manipulated in terms of speed, colour, brightness, direction, and much more.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.