E Series

The E Series is a range of passive loudspeakers intended for sound reinforcement in entertainment applications including live performance, DJ and dance music, karaoke and production. E Series loudspeakers will perform very well with any quality, professional power amplifier – but by taking advantage of the complete QSC Entertainment System, more performance and options are available. Today’s powered loudspeakers rely on finely tuned digital signal processing (DSP) to achieve a higher level of performance. When used with QSC GXD or PLD amplifiers or with a QSC TouchMix digital mixer, E Series loudspeakers can also take advantage of advanced DSP. QSC has developed E Series DSP settings for all three platforms. These settings support a variety of applications including live sound reinforcement (with and without subwoofers), stage monitoring, dance music and karaoke.

E Series consists of four models constructed of rugged plywood and coated in black, textured paint. Heavy-duty grilles lined with foam provide protection for the woofers and a professional appearance. All three two-way models are equipped with an all metal, dual-angle, 35mm socket that allows the speaker to be mounted vertically on a pole or angled down by 10° to improve audience coverage and reduce rear wall reflections. Multiple mounting options using E Series Yoke or M8 eyebolts are supported. Input connections include dual NL4 as well as screw terminal receptacles.

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1 x 10-inch, 2-way non-powered

1 x 12-inch, 2-way non-powered

1 x 15-inch, 2-way non-powered

1 x 18-inch, subwoofer non-powered

Frequency Response (-6 dB)

63Hz – 20kHz

62Hz – 20kHz

55Hz – 20kHz

37Hz to 230Hz

Power capacity: continuous/peak

300 W / 1200 W

400 W / 1600 W

500 W / 2000 W

800 W / 3200 W


95dB, 1W@1m

96dB, 1W@1m

97dB, 1W@1m

98dB, 1W@1m

Coverage Angle

85° axis

85° axis

75° axis


(Peak SPL @ 1M)

126 dB

128 dB

131 dB

132 dB

Net Weight

20 kg / 44lbs

23 kg / 51 lbs

31 kg / 68 lbs

43 kg / 95 lbs

Shipping Weight

23 kg / 50lbs

26 kg / 57.5 lbs

34 kg / 75 lbs

48 kg / 106 lbs

Dimensions (WxHxD)

330x560x330 mm
13x22x13 in

360x616x371 mm
14.2x24.2x14.6 in

420x716x445 mm
16.5x28.2x17.5 in

590x616x605 mm
23.2x24.2x23.8 in

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