LED Moving Head

G-1 Beam

With the ground-breaking G-1 Beam moving head, SGM has succeeded in offering numerous cutting-edge features in a physically compact chassis.

The G-1 Beam advantages include:

  • Option of being battery-driven
  • High power white LED light source
  • IP65 rating
  • Maintenance-free and multi-environmental fixture
  • Choice of wired or wireless DMX
  • Sharply defined beam in speedy operation
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Built-in macro effects
  • Internal stand-alone programs
  • Internal pan/tilt presets (patent pending)

Using USITT standard DMX512, the G-1 can be controlled via wireless DMX or via cabling.

The G-1 Beam comes in two varieties: with or without the base unit. With the base, usability is diverse as one to three batteries can be inserted and thus positioning is independent from any power source proximity, and the IP rating ensures no need of bulky domes for outdoor application. Without the base, the G-1 can be mounted onto the ceiling or a rig in e.g. a club environment for that powerful and bright beam effect that operates in high speed movements using an external power supply.

The G-1 Beam features a gobo wheel of 19 gobos + oscillation effect + two times open and a colour wheel of 14 colours + open that add further dimensions and dynamics to this compact moving head, which is expanded by attributes such as gobo shake function, split colour effects and continuous clockwise and counter-clockwise pan rotation. The gobo projection of the G-1 Beam is outstanding for a beam fixture as it is very crisp and detailed.

The G-1 Beam is a lightweight luminaire, weighing only 8.9 kg/19.6 lbs. including its batteries. It can operate in extreme temperatures from -10˚C to 40˚C in all kinds of weather.

The movement operation of this moving head demonstrates a stunning ongoing and speedy performance with a smooth pan response adding continuous bidirectional rotation and a tilt range up to 240˚, which for example makes it perfect as a supplement to any stage light set where the sharp beams resemble laser beams.

Furthermore, SGM has introduced a patent pending position pre-set programming for the G-1 Beam making it exceptionally easy to control and program.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.