GXD Series

The GXD Series amplifiers are ideal for portable sound reinforcement applications and installations with demanding DSP requirements and flexibility at a cost effective price. This high performance line consists of two amplifiers, the GXD4 and GXD8, each providing enormous Class-D power in a lightweight and efficient package. The universal switchmode power supply helps reduce the weight, increase efficiency, and ensures rock-solid continued operation even with poor power conditions. The addition of on-board DSP processing with an easy-to-use interface offers powerful tools like Crossover and EQ filters, Delay, and Power Limiting that allow the user to configure the amplifier and maximize the performance of their loudspeakers. The GXD Series amplifiers are engineered to meet any demanding application and provide excellent power and legendary QSC reliability, in an efficient, lightweight, and flexible package; bottom line, the GXD amplifiers provide outstanding value!

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8Ω dynamic, both channels driven

600 watts per channel

1500 watts per channel

4Ω dynamic, both channels driven

800 watts per channel

2250 watts per channel

8Ω continuous, both channels driven

400 watts per channel

800 watts per channel

4Ω continuous, both channels driven

600 watts per channel

1200 watts per channel

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All specifications are subject to change without notice.